Vehicle Excise Duty changes are right in principle, say MPs

mercredi 6 août 2008 par anik

Environmental Audit Committee urges Treasury to consider ‘car scrappage scheme’

Today’s call by a committee of MPs for the Treasury to consider a ‘car scrappage scheme’ that would offer the drivers of gas-guzzling cars a payment to trade their vehicle for a more efficient model, has been welcomed by Friends of the Earth - which suggested such a scheme when it gave evidence to the committee.

The Environmental Audit Committee’s report, Vehicle Excise Duty as an environmental tax, concludes that "there is nothing intrinsically unfair or unusual about setting new VED rates for cars that have already purchased", and calls on the Government to consider more ambitious reforms of VED.

Friends of the Earth’s Transport Campaigner, Tony Bosworth said :

"We’re delighted that the MPs believe that the Government’s car tax changes are right in principle - and that they have urged the Treasury to consider our suggestion of a car scrappage scheme.

"Three times more second hand cars are bought each year than new ones - so upping VED on old polluting vehicles will encourage people to choose greener models, cut fuel bills and lower carbon dioxide emissions. Paying people to scrap their old gas-guzzler and replace it with a cleaner car will make this cheaper and easier to do.

"Ministers must stand firm on their VED plans and do more to encourage greener travel and reduce transport’s contribution to climate change - such as backing tough fuel efficiency standards for new cars and investing in alternatives such as rural public transport and faster, cheaper rail."

For further information please contact the Friends of the Earth media team on 020 7566 1649.

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