Shut Down The Camp

Everybody can participate in shutting down the camp!
Thursday 30 October 2008 by anik

The Disobedience Action in Shut Down The Camp will be confrontative, but non-violent. You will be able to participate at the level that suits you. In the main demonstration there is room for everybody who wish to act up against racism: young and old, parents with children, experienced and inexperienced demonstrators. During the action participants will be informed recurrently about occurrences in and outside the demonstration.

The inhabitants of Sandholm refugee camp should not be molested.

We have planned the action with the intention to avoid intimidating the inhabitants. Please, check out the map of Sandholm on beforehand; we should avoid entering the residential area. We should not enter the administration either as sensitive information and documents concerning the cases of individual asylum seekers are kept here.

Most inhabitants of the camp have been informed of the action through info-meetings and flyers translated into all major languages. The overall opinion has been favorable. But some inhabitants do not know us, and the action might make them feel insecure. So, please consider your actions and show consideration for the inhabitants of the camp as well as fellow participants in the demonstration. We have been in permanent communication with the inhabitants of the Sandholm refugee camp and during the action a contact group from Shut Down the Camp will be present to keep people informed.

We do not intend to foster insecurity among the inhabitants; neither do we wish for confrontation with the police or employees of the camp.

Our goal is to shut down the camp and demonstrate our opposition to racism – a racism, which the camp is an integral part of. Our strength is our number and ability to take care of each other. Use your imagination: climb the roofs, shut down the control post, bring banners and stencils, balloons and a pair of pincers. Show solidarity with the inhabitants of Sandholm! Show that racism can never be accepted! Take down the fence; the camp must be shut down!

We are a large group of people undertaking this action together, and the success of the endeavor relies your respect for the shared codex. The codex is:

1. No intentional injury or physical harm to persons;

2. No movements in the residential area and no intrusion into the administration;

3. Take care of the inhabitants of the camp and of each other. Be aware of others and be sober.

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Source: L’endehors par Mirobir

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