Unathorised GM seeds planted in Scotland

mardi 16 septembre 2008 par anik

Reacting to news that GM seeds which pose a "very serious" risk [1] to the environment have been accidentally planted at three locations in Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland’s Director, Duncan McLaren, said :

"Yet again unauthorised GM seeds have been illegally planted in Britain. This highlights the fact that the safety regulations governing this technology are still far too weak.

There must be an urgent investigation to find out how this incident occurred, how it can be prevented from happening again and what guarantees can be given that it is not part of a wider problem.

"GM is not the solution to the challenges faced by our food and farming industry. The Government must listen to consumers and back safe, sustainable and locally-produced food."

Notes to editors

1. The incident was revealed today by the Scottish Government. Minister for Environment Michael Russell said ; "Had these plants been allowed to mature, the risk to the environment could have been very serious". See :

2. In May 2000 it was discovered that hundreds of British farmers had sown thousands of acres with GM-contaminated seed imported from Canada. The GM seed - which was also planted in a number of other European countries - was not approved by the European Union for release into the environment.

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